Beyond Classroom


We recognize the fact that for students to properly fit into the society, they need sound training not only the academic horizon but also in social activities. Various clubs exist in Caray College. It is in these clubs that the natural endowments of the students are discovered, encouraged and utilized. For each club to achieve its set goals and objectives, teachers and other skilled persons, who served as patrons and matrons, work with the students. Provision is made for the Clubs to meet once a in a week. They include: Junior Engineers, Technologist, Scientist, (Jets) Club, Mathematics club,  computer club, Press club, Road safety club, Calisthenics/Choreography Clubs, Igbo Club, ICT Club, Boys Scout club, Girls Guide Club.




To enable students and staff enjoy sound health, better socialization and promotion of skills, the school management has given sports and games a priority. Tuesday and Thursday evenings are sport days.

It is coordinated by a qualified Physical and Health Education teacher along with other teachers and sport Prefects.

Facilities such as football peach, basketball peach, monopoly, table tennis, long tennis, ludo, cards are available on the compound.